Top Tips for Dressing Like a Stripper


Are you planning to start your career as a stripper? Or do you enjoy the look? You have to consider several factors when it comes to getting the best stripper outfit. There are some guidelines that can help you get the right clothes. You have to note that you do not have to look like other strippers, you have room to bring out your unique style.

Choose the Right Shoes

It is advisable to choose heels between 3 and 6 inches. This is because you want to show off your stomach and legs. It is advisable to get shoes with plastic soles and heels. These are recommended because they are the most forgiving and durable. If your shoes have rubber soles you can stick non-slip pads.

However, if walking or dancing in heels is difficult for you, try to start with 3 inches instead of 6 inches. You can then work your way up. Some expert strippers mold their plastic shoes to suit the shape of their feet. Always go for the most comfortable and durable heels you can find. As you know, heels are not designed to be comfortable, but you want to protect your feet from injuries.

Get the Perfect Underwear

Most strippers like buying dancing bottoms that are designed particularly for this purpose. However, if you are doing stripping for fun, you can get a thong. When choosing underwear, go for neon colors. Depending on your location, you may decide to wear G-strings. Remember that G-strings are banned in some areas.

You can also opt to buy erotic dancewear. In fact, this is considered to be more flexible and durable than bathing suit bottoms or underwear. Always consider your personal preferences. Go for outfits that make you feel and look sexy.

Get the Right Clothes

When it comes to choosing stripper clothes, there are many styles you can choose. The secret here is to choose clothes that make you feel and look hot. In this case, you need to consider several factors. These are some of them:


Make sure you choose clothes that are flattering. You can go for short bottoms and low-cut tops.


As noted above, neon colors are simply the best. Red and black are known to be dramatic. Make sure you choose colors that match your hair color and skin tone. If you are going to strip in a club, you should avoid white. This is because most clubs have black and red lights, and wearing white can turn out to be problematic.


Always go for distressed denim. No matter the fabric, make sure you choose one that allows you to move without any limit. It should also make your dancing and movement easier. You can even opt for the see-through type of clothing.


The above tips can help you start your career as a stripper. Even if you are not doing stripping as a professional career, they can help you do it for fun. Always get the right outfit that does not restrict your dancing. Other than clothing, make sure you maintain proper hygiene.


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