The Intriguing World of Arcade Punching Machines


Arcade punching machines have become a staple in many entertainment venues, from local bars to bustling arcades. These machines offer a unique blend of fun and competition, allowing users to test their punching strength and technique. But how do these machines work, and are they truly accurate in measuring one’s punching power?

How Do Arcade Punching Machines Work?

Punching machines come in a variety of designs, such as the hanging punch ball, the upright arm with a pad, and even a full human punching dummy. The most common type we see in arcades and bars is the hanging ball style. Here’s a brief rundown of its mechanism:

  • A sensor is placed on the arm of the hanging punch ball.
  • When the ball is struck, the holding arm at the top locks in, registering the force of the impact.
  • The ball swings up at an angle upon being hit, minimizing the contact area between the fist and the ball’s surface.
  • The machine uses two switches to track the punch’s diagnostics: a micro switch on the speedball that detects when it’s hit and an actuator on a pad that the ball hits after being struck.
  • The computer calculates the time between the micro switch on the punch ball being hit and the time it takes before reaching the pad on the machine’s mainframe to determine the score.

However, it’s essential to note that the trajectory of the hanging ball, which moves in an arch and not directly backward, can diminish the punch’s power.

Are They Accurate?

The consensus is that arcade punching machines are not entirely accurate. While they can indicate if you’ve hit the ball hard, they aren’t finely tuned equipment. The machine’s design, especially the hanging ball style, means that the full force of the blow is often lost on the ball itself. This sentiment is echoed in a YouTube video that delves into the accuracy of these machines, suggesting that while they offer a fun experience, they shouldn’t be taken as a definitive measure of one’s punching power.

Tips for Scoring High

To achieve a high score on these machines, one should consider the angle at which the punch bag travels. Instead of a straight punch, an upswing or uppercut style punch can make the ball travel faster to its target, resulting in a higher score.

Where to Buy?

If you’re interested in purchasing an arcade punching machine, there are various options available. Prices can range from $700 to $9000, depending on the machine’s quality and where you buy it. Online platforms offer a range of machines. However, always consider factors like transportation costs and after-sales support. For a premium experience, you might want to check out the for a top-tier arcade experience.


While arcade punching machines offer a fun and competitive experience, they aren’t the most accurate tools for measuring one’s punching power. They are more about having a good time and challenging friends than providing scientific results. If you’re looking to buy one, ensure you do thorough research and consider both the machine’s cost and potential maintenance needs. Whether you’re looking to set a new high score or just have a fun night out, arcade punching machines are sure to deliver a knockout experience!


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