Best Party Hair: Orange Lace Front Wigs


You could be quickly finishing up on some work to step out for your best friend’s birthday party. You want to have some fun, let out the stress for the week and make long-lasting memories. Have a drink or two, a cake and spend time with friends. While you are looking forward to the event, you slightly hesitate about what to wear.

You have a killer dress, matching shoes to seal the look, and earrings to complement it. Then you remember your hair is in a mess, but you want to look all polished. What you do with your hair can make or break your look. People see your face first before looking at what you are wearing.

Getting the perfect wig shade to match your skin complexion is instrumental in giving you a sophisticated look. If you are hesitant about getting an orange lace front wig, here is why you should own one.

Orange as the New Black

An orange wig gives you an instant transformation to stand out from the rest. You can wear it with any dress and pull off a classy look with ease. The 13×4 lace frontal ginger-colored wig is pre-plucked human hair. If you are a fan of body wave texture, you can wear this as a good option. It also gives you a natural hairline, and you can wear it at any time of the day to whatever occasion.

Own Your Sexy Appeal

As a confident woman in your body, features, and intangible features, you ooze an aura that is hard to match. Owning an orange wig helps you achieve that. Taking a break from the typical black, brown, or blonde wig highlights shows confidence in doing things outside the box. It also gives your hair a more vibrant appearance. Having a wig additionally gives your natural hair more protection against breakage. What is more, you get the convenience that wigs offer with unlimited styling.

Why You Should Own It

The Lolly ginger orange frontal lace wig is 100% Brazilian virgin, giving you the guarantee of longevity. The pre-plucked human hair boasts of a 30-inch body wave that can be dyed-imagine that. Additionally, the lace is made of Swiss, which is high dimension transparent, and you can get it either in medium, short, or even long versions. The lace front wig also has glue less application feature, with amazing baby hair. The knots are also slightly bleached to give them a more natural look.

Anyone can rock the orange wig, and the capsize fits across different head sizes. Furthermore, if you order one from Lolly’s hair and have a reason to exchange, you can do so within a thirty-day time frame as long as you haven’t used it and get another of your choice. You can also choose the 150% or 180% ginger orange hair density ranging from 8 to 30 inches in length. Why not stand out today with the variety of orange ginger wigs at Lolly’s hair and get the transformation you need.


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