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  • Event Related Questions

    • Q: Is the event canceled in the event of bad weather?

      A: No. The Ride for Hope takes place rain or shine. We’ve even had the event during a tropical storm once!
    • Q: What time does the ride start?

      A: All rides are on Saturday morning and the schedule of each ride can be found at this link.
    • Q: What time do I need to arrive?

      A: Please arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes ahead of the ride that you signed up to ride in. The list of departure times can be found at this link.
    • Q: What is the schedule of events?

      A: The schedule of events is located here.
    • Q: Where is the event located?

      A: Friday and Saturday’s events all take place at the North Florida Fairgrounds which is located at 441 Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32301.
    • Q: Do I get free dinner on Friday and free lunch on Saturday?

      A: Free meals on both days will be provided to all registered cyclists only. Please keep your SAG wrist band on to show in the meal line as proof that you were a registered cyclist. All other individuals will be charged for a meal ticket.
    • Q: Are the rides timed?

      A: No.
    • Q: What if I just want to volunteer and not ride?

      A: You can sign up to volunteer by going to this link and completing the volunteer request form located on that page.
    • Q: Can I bring my family with me?

      A: Absolutely! The Ride for Hope is a family oriented event and you will find activities for everyone to be able to participate in.
    • Q: Do you provide childcare services for riders/volunteers?

      A: No, we do not provide childcare. Please arrange for any childcare needs prior to participating.
    • Q: What volunteer opportunities are there?

      A: The list of volunteer opportunities can be found by going to this link.
    • Q: How do I become a sponsor?

      A: For sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail Aaron Kinnon
    • Q: Who do I contact if I want to have a booth at the expo?

      A: Contact our Vendor Expo/Health Fair director at this address and provide your details and requirements in the email body.
    • Q: How does my support for the ride help the community?

      A: All proceeds stay local and directly benefit the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center – keeping Cancer Care Close to Home.
    • Q: Who do I contact about suggestions I have for any improvements?

      A: You can send an email by clicking here and include any suggestions in the body of the email, or complete the contact form located here.
    • Q: How can I make a donation?

      A: To donate online, go to our homepage and click on the DONATE button, or follow this link.
    • Q: Do I need to be a hard-core cyclist to participate in this event?

      A: Nope. We welcome anybody and everybody that wants to get out and ride. We have even been known to have a tricycle or two participate in our events.
    • Q: Is there an age limit to participate?

      A: No.
    • Q: What if I don’t want to ride?

      A: You don’t have to ride to participate in The Ride for Hope. There are many ways you can help out such as volunteering or just coming out to be a spectator.
    • Q: What happens to pictures and videos you take?

      A: All of the pictures and video we make are uploaded to our Facebook page and our Instagram page. Make sure you follow us on both!
    • Q: Do I need a specific type of bike to participate?

      A: Nope. We have cyclists bring all kinds of bikes to our event. Whatever you are comfortable riding in the street is more than welcome.
    • Q: What is The Ride for Hope and what does it benefit?

      A: The Ride for Hope is a fun-filled cyclist and wellness event for all ages! Enjoy one of five distance rides and family fun with an expo the night before. You can learn more about the grassroots effort that started The Ride for Hope here. All proceeds for The Ride for Hope benefit the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center and the people it serves – keeping Cancer Care Close to Home.
    • Q: How did this event start?

      A: The Ride for Hope was a grassroots effort conceived by brothers Jeffrey and Jason Farrah to honor their father, Lou Farrah, a cancer survivor. Visit our history page for the full story.
    • Registration Related Questions

      • Q: Can I change to a shorter/longer route mid ride?

        A: You are free to change to a shorter or longer route during your ride, however, this will not affect your amount due for your registration fee.
      • Q: Where do I pick up my packet?

        A: You can pick up your registration packet at the Friday night Vendor Expo, or Saturday morning before your ride.
      • Q: When do I pick up my packet?

        A: Packet pickup will begin at 4:00pm on the Friday before the ride and will continue through Saturday morning before each ride starts.
      • Q: What is in my registration packet?

        A: Your registration packet will contain the map of the course you registered for, your SAG phone number wrist band (please keep this as your meal ticket after you complete your ride), your jersey if you purchased one and your bib number with safety pins. You will also receive a swag bag that contains your t-shirt at packet pickup.
      • Q: How do I get a water bottle?

        A: Only metric and century riders receive a water bottle, while supplies last.
      • Q: When does registration open?

        A: Keep check on our registration page for the dates registration is open.
      • Q: What all is included in my registration?

        A: Your registration includes the course ride, dinner at the vendor expo on Friday night, lunch on Saturday upon your return, a t-shirt and rider bag. Rider bags will be distributed on ride day at the Registration Booth or can be picked up at the Vendor Expo on Friday night.
      • Q: What forms of payment are accepted for registration or donations?

        A: We accept cash, check or credit card.
      • Q: Can I just buy a jersey without riding?

        A: Yes. Please visit the registration table for more details.
      • Q: How much does a jersey cost?

        A: Current year jerseys are $45 (save $15 if purchased with registration prior to the end of early registration).
      • Q: Can I purchase a t-shirt?

        A: T-shirts are included free with registration, however, we do occasionally sell additional shirts. See the registration booth on Friday night or Saturday morning for the exact price.
      • Q: Can I pre-register for next year?

        A: Right now we do not have the ability to pre-register riders for the next year, however, you will be included on our mailing list if you registered to ride this year so you will receive a reminder once next year’s registration has opened.
      • Q: What does my registration fee cover?

        A: Your registration fee covers your participation in the ride as well as free lunch once you return.
      • Q: Can I register as a team?

        A: While we do not stop riders from participating as a team, registration must be paid for individually. You are more than welcome, however, to ride as a team once each person riding has paid for their individual registration.
      • Cycling Related Questions

        • Q: What time do the water stops shut down?

          A: The last water stops will shut down between 1pm and 2pm. Some water stops do shut down earlier due to their location on the beginning of the courses. As a responsible rider, please make sure that you select a course that matches your cycling ability.
        • Q: What are the laws regarding bicycles on Florida’s Roadways?

          A: You can reference Florida Statute FS 316.2065 for the state’s laws regarding bicycles on Florida’s roadways. Please familiarize yourself with these laws before participating as we cannnot be held responsible for anything that happens if you violate these laws while participating in The Ride for Hope.
        • Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?

          A: All riders MUST wear a helmet to participate in The Ride for HOPE. Florida law also requires ALL riders under the age of 16 to wear a helmet. ยง316.2065(3)(d)
        • Q: Do I have to wear the SAG wrist band provided in my registration packet?

          A: It is highly advisable that you wear the SAG wristband provided in your registration packet at all times in the event of an accident or situation where you need to reach SAG support. Remember, in an emergency situation CALL 911 FIRST! You will also need to have this wrist band on upon your return to receive your free lunch.
        • Q: What is the course like?

          A: Visit our cycling courses page for more details about each of the courses such as the elevation, ascent, descent, and max climb of each course.
        • Q: Who do I contact if there’s a problem with the course?

          A: If you encounter a problem on the course during your ride, please contact the number provided on your SAG wristband. Any issues encountered after you have completed your ride can be sent to [email protected].
        • Q: Who do I contact if there’s an emergency?

          A: If you have an emergency while on the course CALL 911 FIRST.
        • Q: Where can I find a map of the courses?

          A: A map of each course can be found here.
        • Q: Can I ride a tandem or recumbent bike?

          A: Absolutely!
        • Q: Do I need to be a hard-core cyclist to participate?

          A: Nope. As long as you can ride a bike then you’re good to go.
        • Q: Is there an age limit to participate?

          A: No.
        • Q: Is it ok to have somebody drive their vehicle and follow me?

          A: You must use your best judgement if you choose to do this. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.
        • Q: Do I need a specific type of bike to participate?

          A: No. All bikes are welcome.
        • Q: What equipment do I need to bring?

          A: Bring anything you feel you may need to be comfortable on a long bike ride. Remember, this is Florida in June so the weather can be unpredictable. Prepare for any weather conditions as the ride takes place in rain or shine.
        • Volunteer Related Questions

          • Q: Do I get free dinner and/or lunch on the days I volunteer?

            A: Yes. You will receive a free meal on the day(s) that you volunteer. See the Volunteer Director on the day you are at the event for your meal ticket.
          • Q: What volunteer opportunities are there?

            A: Volunteer opportunities can be found by visiting our volunteer page located here.
          • Q: Can I signup to volunteer for next year?

            A: Yes you can. Just let our Volunteer Director know your interest in volunteering for the next event and they will get your contact information.
          • Q: Can my kids and/or family volunteer?

            A: Absolutely! The Ride for Hope is a family event and we encourage everyone in the family to come out and participate in the fun.
          • Q: Do my volunteer hours count for the community service requirement for Bright Futures?

            A: Yes. Bring any forms you need signed to the Volunteer Director the day you volunteer and they will sign any necessary forms.
          • Q: How can I help out with a water stop?

            A: Email our Volunteer Director by clicking this link and in the body of the email express your interest in helping with a water stop and any preferences you have. You will then be given further instructions by the Water Stop Director.

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