We would like you to enjoy your ride through scenic north Florida safely. The ride takes place on public roadways with varying amounts of traffic. Many auto drivers may not know how to deal with bicycle traffic, especially with so many cyclists on the road at one time. To ensure that all riders have a safe and enjoyable ride, we ask that riders obey the following rules.

The Rules of the Road

  • I will ride single file when a car or truck is behind me.
  • I will never ride more than two abreast, in accordance with Florida laws. I will not be a road hog.
  • I will yield to riders trying to pass me.
  • I will ride as far to the right as practicable, except when making a left turn, or when going straight at a right turn only lane.
  • I will call out “Car Back” or “Car Up” to riders in front of me.
  • I will call out my intentions to riders immediately behind me, “Slowing”, “Stopping”, “Turning”. I will use traffic hand signals when appropriate.
  • I will point to road hazards and/or call out to riders behind me, “Gravel”, “Hole”, “Tracks”.
  • I will call out to riders I am about to pass, “On your left”. I will never pass on the right.
  • I will wear my helmet at all times while on my bike.
  • I will obey all traffic signs and signals. I will not call out “Clear” at stop signs or red lights. I will not trust a rider ahead calling out “Clear”, but will always look for myself before proceeding through intersections.
  • I will always ride defensively. I will always be aware of other riders, vehicles and pedestrians near me. I will never assume that I know what they are going to do.
  • I will use common sense and courtesy toward motorists and other cyclists.
  • I will not ride before daylight or after dusk.
  • I will not use motor pacing.
  • If I stop for any reason, I will get completely off the road.
  • If I ride in a pace line, I will not make any quick changes in speed or direction. I will announce my intentions, and will not ride into the person in front of me causing a chain reaction crash.
  • I will accompany children under 18 at all times. I will read these rules to the child and ensure that the child understands and obeys them.
  • I understand that I will be ejected from the ride if I repeatedly and/or flagrantly violate these safety rules.

From the BRAG Safety Pledge

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